{Collins} numbers racket 204 208 8022 and on and on

And all this time i was under the impression that 3 phase and lots of racket was good.  

Of course the real issue is not which is best, cause it is all Collins - the solution is to have at least 2 of each, so that in the instance where one is down, a "transfusion" of sorts can be arranged from the rig which is still functional, 

double the pleasure, double the fun.  

There are those who have 3 phase wired into their place from the electric company.  Others have to suffer along with a 3 phase generator, and of course, following the double mode of operation, that requires at least two 3 phase generators.  

more racket, more fun.  

To some, an N connector is a challenge, and so perhaps for a 208.  There are others who enjoy the N and the 208, and it is via this reflector that those who know pass along their knowledge and genius to the rest of us. 

Art would be proud.  


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