{Collins} FS S-Line

Hello all
I have a 32s-1, 75s-1, 312B-4 speaker Console and the 516F-2 power supply.
they have been gone over by Joe Borch.
i also have a Custom made Desk console (in three sections.) for the ham
shack that is built just for this S-Line set.
there are a few other items as well... such as the EV-664(?) mic i believe,
a Pair of "digital" Bakelite cased clocks the tele-vision clock co. one for
Local one for Zulu or UTC, i believe as well. the desk needs a wiring
upgrade , i have a power tap for that ... and it includes controls for an
antenna rotator  and a phone patch with a rotary dial.
Photos upon request.
Serious offers only please.
thank you and

contact me off list at

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