{Collins} FS Gold Dust Twins Station

This station was originally purchased by my "Elmer" in 1957.  I became the second owner about 5 years ago and refurbished it.  All equipment is in good operating condition, electrical functions are correct to the best of my knowledge, and it comes with original manuals, 2 spare 4X250B finals, some HVB-1 fuses, and with all my refurbishing/alignment notes and emails.  The equipment has not been subjected to the high power company voltages in use today since I use a bucking transformer to obtain 112 to 115 VAC. 

I'm selling because eight HF stations are too many at my age, and I've got to start reducing somewhere.  So I'm starting with the heaviest first.

KWS-1 s/n 1137 (factory test date 4-11-57), original manual (4th edition 1 Nov. '56 w/addenda 3-4-57), copy of Care & Feeding of KWS-1 (1992), and partial copy of the schematic and alignment info from the Collins website since this transmitter was built and sold during a design transition at Collins.  This unit has the 6AL5 ALC rectifier, Test Key switch, and 4X250B finals which are all different from what is shown in the original factory manual.  The HV chassis connector has been fixed/modified.  The original T/R relay is included.

Power supply Model 428A-1 s/n 430 (factory test date 1-17-57) with 3B28 rectifiers, nice long power cord, and the blower motor bearings have been replaced.  The original air hose has been replaced with a fixed PVC pipe arrangement for mounting the KWS-1 on top of the 428A-1.

75A-4 s/n 4922 with original manual (2nd revision dated July, 1957) complete with 270G-3 speaker.  There is a fairly loud bussing noise at initial turn-on that lasts for a few seconds, but it has done this since the radio was new in 1957 with no known ill effects.

This equipment is being sold as a package only, the price is $3,575 picked up in Rockwall, Texas, or the buyer can make arrangements for packing and shipping via his choice of common carrier company.  As with all the older equipment, there are no guarantees other than it will be working properly when shipped.

If you want to talk to this station and hear what it sounds like, please contact me at the email address below to make a schedule.

Photos are available upon request that show the interior and exterior of these units.  Serious inquiries only please.

If interested, contact me off list at k5gcw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx .

Thanks, Bill Scurlock, K5GCW
CCA# 12156

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