{Collins} Low Cost High Quality Cable Kits for Collins S-Line / KWM-2 / 312B4/5

Hello to the group,

Due to a very high demand and several requests for Cable kits to inter connect Collins S-line, KWM-2, and 312B-4/5
I have put together cable sets for the afore mentioned gear.

The RF coax Cables are 48 inches long and are  custom made with RG58U, and high end RCA connectors.

The Audio RCA cables are very similar to the original Swichcraft cables but are 6 feet long and are black.

I offer a satisfaction and lifetime guarantee on all of the cables.

You can find them listed under Collins Cables on my web site at the link below.

You will also find several other categories with Collins items for sale.

Thank You!

Please click on the link below to check out my on line store!

Mark Olson "KE9PQ"
1490 Norfield Road
Suamico, Wi. 54173
Email:  ke9pq@xxxxxxxxxx 
Phone (920) 434-8097 Before 10.00PM Central

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