{Collins} C59 in a 75S-1

I recently started cleaning up a 75S-1 that I purchased a few years ago.
After an initial cleaning, it seems to work fine.  However, since I have a
number of capacitor replacement kits I though that, as long as I have it
apart, I would replace C8, C97, C50, C102, C56,C107, C60, and the Triple 40
ufd - C59.  All of the caps (except C59) seem easy enough to replace.
However, C59 is buried in wires and components. It looks like a tough job!
First question, is there an easy way to swap this cap out with the new can?
(I suspect the answer is no, but maybe someone has a good procedure to
follow.)  Second, if I decide not to change C59, how risky is that?  Is C59
prone to failure?  If it is not a  a component prone to failure, I am
leaning towards the old saying, "If it is not broke, don't fix it."
Suggestions?   Terry K0AOZ - CCA#96-00096

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