Re: {Collins} KWM2-A problem

Andy, Sorry you are having difficulty again. What did you clean with? Do you have access to DeOxit? Did you use this?

If you did not, I suggest that you apply DeOxit to the main running surfaces. It is a multiple grounding path (or lack thereof) issue in all likelyhood.

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Good Day to the Group,

Sometime ago I listed a problem I was having with my KWM2-A and intermittent
transmission based around the exciter knob and the tuning of the rig.

I cleaned up the entire inside bits and pieces, as recommended, and for a
while it was fine, but now the problem is back again and one has to fiddle
and wiggle the exciter knob to often get full output.

Not being an extremely technically oriented person, I cannot understand how it is that this can produce the problem it does and I ask myself is there no other way around this problem? Maybe someone who knows can explain to me why this happens and if there are any permanent fixes to this, besides replacing
all the parts. Maybe they are badly worn and need to be replaced ?

Best 73



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