{Collins} KWM2-A Problem

Thanks to all who replied to me,


I am posting my reply here on the list as the general consensus seems to be
to use a product called "De-oxit", which will assist in forming the
necessary ground between the points on the mechanical thrust bearing etc.


Unfortunately, we do not get many of the products recommended for cleaning
and lubing parts as one can obtain in the US, and this is the case with
de-oxit. I don't even know what would be a suitable replacement for it as I
don't know what exactly de-oxit does. I used a general contact cleaner to
get in between all the bits and pieces and sprayed very generously to try
and clean out as best I could.


I will try investigating here to see what is a suitable replacement for
de-oxit and what is available here.


Once again, thanks for all the replies.



Best 73



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