Re: {Collins} FW: 30S-1 Collins Amplifier infomation

I agree with Joel. In fact I have been using solid state replacements for
the 3B28s in my 30S1 for years.
Jim W8ZR
> A few weeks ago, a listing was put onto this Collins group from Australia
a comment on
> "why a solid state diode circuit tube presently being sold (as a 1N3627A)
should not be
> utilized".  A few comments were stated at that time which I believe to be
not valid and
> here's why;
> As long as the power supply in the Collins Amplifier 30S-1 has a
STEP-START circuit
> which it has, the solid state rectifier will WORK AS well as the old 3B28
tube(s) presently
> utilized. Both show the same in-rush current when the tube filament is
hot. When using the
> solid state device it is more efficient because there is no consumption of
filament current
> which is indeed much better.  The ONLY place that solid state should not
be used is if there
> is no type of step-state designed into the circuit and this could cause a
lot of inrush current
> which is not desireable. I welcome any comments listed to the group.
Joel, K2QBV
> (K2QBV@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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