Re: {Collins} 32s-1 Front Panel Glue

The original glue, which both Collins Radio and Motorola (among others) used, was known by the brand name "Pliobond".  I used to have some small tubes of "Pliobond".  However, over the years, the glue hardened in the tubes so that it was unusable.

I would suspect that something like "Gorilla Glue" would work fine.

Glen, K9STH


--- On Mon, 7/5/10, Jerry Stern <jsternmd@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I am restoring a 32S-1 I found at a garage sale.  One corner of the front panel (wrinkled) is peeled away from the front panel back sheet metal.  I want to glue and clamp... what is the best glue to use?

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