{Collins} FS: KWM-2A RE Project Radio

Hi All:

I have decided to part with a late model KWM-2A that needs some work. I just don't see the time in the foreseeable future when I can tackle this project. It is pretty much complete except for the following:

PA cage cover
K2 and K4 (the plug-in relays)
a few tubes (6146B (2), 6AZ8, 6BN8, 6EB8
3 pointer knobs
main tuning knob.
one of the Nylon nuts that holds the metal bracket on the back of the meter.
all crystals (except the USB and LSB crystals).

This KWM-2A does not appear to be a military veteran and cosmetically speaking the front panel is in very nice condition. With the proper work and some time this radio could be made into a nice-looking working unit. I am asking $500.00 plus shipping for it.

If interested please reply by e-mail.


Michael, W1RC

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