Re: {Collins} 32s-1 Front Panel Glue

At 06:39 PM 7/6/2010 -0700, k7fm wrote:
>Pliobond is still available at any useful hardware store.  It is known as 
>"industrial contact cement".  Assembly is normally delayed until the parts 
>are tacky, then joined.
>The leather (or synthetic leather) on cameras are "glued" on with contact 
>cement so it can be removed for repair.  In the event you may want to remove 
>the front panel of the Collins for any reason, contact cement will allow 
>The components of Pliobond are listed on the can.  They are: calcium 
>carbonate, MEK and "contents partially unknown".  This last ingredient 
>describes my wife, too.
>73,  Colin  K7FM 
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Hi Folks!,
          Gee, there has been many replies on the sticky stuff CACD used to
glue their front panels on, and other stuff.. OK. Please don't flame me if
I'm wrong, but I will offer another source.. First of all, something I am
pretty sure of, as I have replaced many dial inserts courtesy of the great
repros from K3ICH, I know enough just by the looks, smell, and taste (yes I
did!) what this brown gook is.. Back in the late 70s, I bought a lot of 5
Collins 51S-1s, Demilled, that appeared to have the same exact stuff on the
front panel(s) that the dial inserts were glued with.. I cannot say for
sure if they used the same stuff on the "S" line stuff, but I am near
absolutely sure the dial inserts (99.5%) and the front panels (96.5%) for
the 51S-1s used this... OK, my 2cts says its 3M 847 adhesive (Minnesota
Mining Company) rubber sealant.. And this can be ordered online for a price
even a Collins Guy can afford, if you buy it by the tube.. The reason I
know this is, as a 16 year old kid, I worked at a Harley Davidson
dealership here in Cleveland, OH for 11 years before I worked in the
aerospace industry.. We used this same goop, in lieu of a gasket, to seal
the crankcase halves (without a gasket) when we assembeled an engine.. Look
folks, there is no wrong way to glue something (well maybe a few :) ) But,
3M 847 I'm pretty sure of, is what your looking for.. I have used it for
many years in Collins repair jobs.. I guess this may sound hokey, but, no
less than going to an aircraft parts depot to buy a dessicant (er.
sparkplug thinge) for a 70E-8 32V PTO.... Best Regards! Tony, WB8MLA  too
many years of running Collins stuff, I think!!  

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