Re: {Collins} Penta 4cx250B in a KWS-1

At 01:51 PM 7/10/2010 -0700, Mark Mumaw wrote:
>I came across some new Penta 4CX250B that I'm thinking of purchasing for
>backups in my KWS-1. Has anyone had any experience with the Penta tubes???
>73's Mark NU6X
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Hi Mark,
        IMHO, don't even think about putting NOS Penta Chinese tubes in
your KWS-1.. I remember when people were experimenting with them when they
were first offered years ago.. As I did.. If you wan't to keep your nice
KWS-1 (I had two) working, without having to worry about the finals, stick
with Eimac or Amperex.. Many blown new Penta tubes back then, (Just like
the crummy 3-500Z Chinese tubes today that still suck) and I'm sure some
radios too.. Best Regards, Tony, WB8MLA

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