Re: {Collins} 30L-1 #30 Wire Filament Fuse

Thanks for the help Bob.  I went ahead and installed the #30 wire, and then 
fired it up and checked and adjusted the input circuits for minimum SWR this 
afternoon.  I appreciate you taking the time to reply to my email today.

73, Bill, K5GCW
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Yes, it should be in there. Whether it is truly effective is another 
question. But, it should indeed be there.

I have a 32S-3 that exhibited peculiar dynamic ALC behavior while static 
tests of ALC activity were normal. There was absolutely no evidence that any 
wiring had been modified anywhere in the unit. After spending a full day 
checking the ALC circuit wiring, and double checking, I confirmed with an 
ex-Collins factory guru that indeed, the ALC had been wired wrong at the 
factory. The error was such that the unit would pass the factory 
acceptance/setup test procedures, but dynamic ALC action was way off. Just 
goes to show, nobody's manufacturing QC is perfect.

Bob, KF6BC
On Jul 12, 2010, at 7:52 AM, Bill Scurlock wrote:

> The saga continues with my newly acquired 30L-1, s/n11414.  It does not 
> have (and never had) the wire fuse in the 6.3vac CT connection to ground. 
> The White/Green/Red 6.3vac CT wire is bundled with original lacing, along 
> with the Blue "gound" wire from the 120v bias winding, and both are 
> connected to TB1 terminal 3 which is the ground connection for the 
> incoming power green safety grounding conductor.  The terminal strip lugs 
> where the #30 wire fuse is supposed to be connected have never had solder 
> applied to them.  Both my 5th Edition, 1962 Instruction Manual, and the 
> Army Tech Manual TM11-5820-532-15 (1965), indicate that this #30 wire fuse 
> is supposed to exist.  Is this another case of documentation/design 
> changes or errors similar to the wire and jumper connections on TB-1 and 
> Service Bulletin #1?  Should I add a short piece of #30 wire in the 6.3vac 
> center-tap connection to protect the power transformer in the event of 
> internal shorts in the 811A tubes, or other componen
> t failure involving one leg of the filament circuit?
> Any comments will be appreciated.
> Thanks, 73, Bill, K5GCW
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