Re: {Collins} 32s-3 grid drive

Check the manual for correct alignment, this is done with the band switch on 3.6 and the dial at 100 and the Exciter tuning at 2.1, you should have plenty of grid drive at this setting if not it may be just a simple tune-up, they do need it now and then as components get older and change slightly but do not need replacement...

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> Subject: {Collins} 32s-3 grid drive
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> Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 7:01 PM
> Hello to all.  I have a 32s-3
> that has "poor" grid drive.  By this I mean
> that the mic gain pot has to be full open (CW) to get
> adequate drive to
> get full output.  It does achieve this but this is
> very different from
> other 32s-3 grid drive positions that I have seen. 
> Same general
> characteristics in tune and lock key (full CW position of
> the 2500 ohm)
> pot to get full output in lock key position. I will look at
> voltages and
> resistors but wondered if this rings a bell with anyone who
> has had a
> similar situation/resolution.  Thanks to all for your
> consideration.  jm
> wa5fac.
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