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The product Kill A Watt, readily available at places like Amazon for about $20 is very accurate digital instrument that will monitor that voltage AND gives a lot of other useful information like how much ac power is that rig consuming. A quick check of overall health of the power supply.
Also, it is already calibrated.
Paul K0UYA
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As many of us do, I prefer to run the AC input voltage to the vintage gear, at a lower controlled level,
by using a variac, then feeding a power strip.
Also use an RCA WV-120A AC voltage power line monitor meter , fed off one of the power strip outlets. These were popular in the broadcast industry in the 1970s, and just about every studio and remote truck had one of these mounted in the "transmission racks", before more sophisticated
voltage control and monitoring became available.
It is a large analog meter, (5"W, 4"H, 3"D) in a metal case, calibrated from 100-140 volts rms AC. Found this particular meter on one of the popular auction sites, and they do turn up from time to time. Check the calibration against a known good meter, inside the box is a resistor with sliding tap to calibrate
(and of course caution..line voltage is on the resistor!)..
 They look nice along with our vintage gear..

73,  Jim W3KA


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