{Collins} 51J-3/R-388 Main tuning knob mounting.

How exactly is this supposed to be mounted? I found on my RX that some of the dial stiffness was from the knob being pushed up against the escutchion. when I removed it I found that there is a collar, a bell washer, and a flat washer on the shaft. The shaft goes through a hole in the front panel with a ring around it. There is a lot of clearance between the shaft and the ring. Is there supposed to be anything else such as a bearing there? I don't quite understand the purpose of the collar and spacers other than if too tight they will make tuning stiff. How should be this be adjusted? I wish there were complete mechanical drawings, or a breakdown of the receiver. What I am looking for is _not_ on the diagrams of the gear box or tuning mechanism.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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