Re: {Collins} 75S3-B S meter seems way too optimistic

I am not "pulling your leg"!

Look inside the the receiver.  Almost directly under the "S" meter is a screwdriver adjusted potentiometer like the one for "S" Meter Zero.  It is basically in line with the Zero control but to the front of the receiver.  It is at about a 5:00 o'clock direction from V-6.  In fact, the label for it should directly under the label for V-6.  It is basically the same spacing away from V-6 as is the Zero control.

I did identify the control location in the schematic wrong!  It is actually in the cathode of V-5b which is the "Q" multiplier.  I know better than to go from memory instead of checking the manual!

Glen, K9STH


--- On Sun, 7/3/11, Bob Tufts <rbt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Rick, Thanks I'm aware of that, but unfortunately I don't have access to test equipment now. One upon a time I did. (maybe I'll ask around locally as I get to meet some local  hams). For sure that would have been my first sanity check to hook up the sig genrator and see what I could get.  I should also mention I know that I have a very heavy noise level ( I primarily operate on 40 M and the noise seems more pronounced during the day) but I think the S9 I get might be a bit extreme. (In parallel, I've got another project to investigate that with the noise level still present will all power to the house, save the receiver, being off. In carrying around my hand held SW receiver, I can't pinpoint it to any local lower lines/poles)).
Glen's comment about the separate RF gain adjust in the cathode is what I see as the RF gain pot on the front (don't know Glen if you're pulling my leg, but I only see that in the schematic, HI)

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