{Collins} Attention: CA WA OR AMer's for CCA First Wednesday AM NIght!!

Let's get out and support the Pacific Time Zone!!
Over the last several First Wednesdays we had 0 or 1 check in (me).
I know there is an AMI West Coast net on at the same, but NO LAW says you
can't partipate in both nets.
Please show some support for garnering more interest in AM (COLLINS STYLE)
on the Left Coast!!
See you all on Wednesday night and let's PLEASE give Mickey dozens of
check-ins.  We need more AM interest here in CA!!!
If you show up, you'll get to hear the beautiful sound of my speech
processed Collins 32V-3, and hopefully, other great sounding West Coast AM
See you tomorrow at 7:30 to 8:00 PM PACIFIC TIME!!!!
Pete, K5PZ
CCA Membership Secretary
Huntington Beach, California

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FIRST WEDNESDAY AM NIGHT!!! Sponsored by the Collins Collectors Association.

Wednesday July 6th 2011 on 3880 kcs at 7:30 PM local East Coast time marks
the start of the latest chapter of First Wednesday AM Night, drawing
hundreds of vintage stations from across the country.

 We encourage stations to check-in on AM using Collins and other AM
transmitters, new and old.  It's an opportunity to revel in this nostalgic
mode, enjoy giving vintage equipment a "run," and sharing some storytelling
about classic vacuum tube homebrew and commercial designs. Typically more
than a hundred stations take part in the evening's coast-to-coast AM event;
by the time it concludes at 10:00 PM Local PST.

LISTEN for the following anchors and stop by to say hello, won't you? You
don't have to be running Collins or vintage gear to be welcomed into the

 Bob W0YVA from 7:30 LCL to 8:30 LCL Eastern time

 Jim then steps in at 7:30- 9:00 LCL Midwest

 OJ steps in at 8:00 to 9:00 LCL Mountain

Mickey is looking for an anchor  start  7:30 LCL West Coast time

comments please to wa9vrh@xxxxxxxxxxxx


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  SUNDAYS: 14.263 MHz-2000 UTC  +  AM Net: 29.050 MHz-1200 Central
  1st Wednesday AM Net 3.880 MHz-2000 local (ET, CT, MT, PT)

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