Re: {Collins} Very strange problem discovered during LAB alignmentonKWM-2 RE

I fix over 90% of the "strange" and intermittent problems in "boat anchor" equipment, including Collins, by slightly loosening and then tightening EVERY machine screw and nut that go through the chassis.  This includes tube sockets, shields, stand-offs, etc.

Remember, every ground in the unit is made through one of these and they definitely work loose, become corroded, etc. over the years.

Glen, K9STH


--- On Thu, 7/7/11, kc9cdt@xxxxxxx <kc9cdt@xxxxxxx> wrote:

This problem is vibration sensitive...and only efffects the 455 KC something in that area has a problem.... I was hoping for something specific as far as help in that circuit. This is a tough one...nothing I prodded, pulled, moved, or idividually banged lightly on effected it...only chassis vibration of moderate amounts.

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