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And just so all know, Dan is the "Go To" guy for test instrument, TV-7 and
TV-10 repair and cal. Very reasonable and VERY VERY good.

That's good to know. I have a TV-7 which has turned out to be very valuable. Mine works OK but its good to know where to go if it ever stops. I bought mine maybe forty years ago, before they became expensive. Its a bit beat up but works fine. I have collected all the tube data I could for it and made an adaptor for 12 pin sweep tubes which works for the finals in my Drake stuff. Being able to check for gas is valuable. BTW, I've found that auto parts houses have all sorts of gasket material. I found a gasket for my General Radio 1650-A bridge case at Kragen as car door gasket. You have to look at more than one store, Kragen had this stuff, virtually a duplicate of the original material, while Pep-Boys did not have it.

After thinking a little I think I did get the door gasket from Pep Boys. It was a different gasket material I got to replace the clutch face of the Orthonull in the bridge which came from Kragen.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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