{Collins} Collins gear for sale

I am downsizing my ham radio setup to accommodate moving into a condo where
I will be limited in space for both gear and antenna. I have purchased a
all-band vertical and an Elecraft K3 which shall be my entire line. I
therefore am reluctantly parting with my beloved Collins line which I have
had for 36 years and have many great memories of using it; however, all
things must change-especially when you begin to approach the big 7ohh:-)
Below is a listing of all my Collins equipment and the pricing; I am also
posting it on QRZ, but I would rather have someone get it that will give it
a good home (sounds like it is alive, doesn't it? To me it is) and continue
its life in ham radio. I have taken very good care of it over the years and
I feel that it shows that. Please respond to me at bob@xxxxxxxxxxxx and not
over the reflector. I would prefer to correspond via emails as I am quite
busy winding up my business affairs (I am an attorney with a fairly large
practice and many clients) and do not have much time to devote to ham radio
matters at this time. The 75S3, speaker, Kwm2A, pwr supply, and mike can be
seen at my qrz page.

Please, serious inquiries only and understand that I know the value of the
pieces. Thank you for reading, Bob Stevens, K9ING

RE KWM2A with mounting thumb screws (reconditioned by Land/Air
communications 8 years ago) with lots of extra crystals with original
manual: $1,500.00
PM-2 Power Supply for KWM2, bolts to KWM2, also have homebrew 6' cable to
allow setting supply on floor: $250.00
RE 516F-2 Power Supply for KWM2 w/ speaker: $450
WE 351D-2 Mobile Mount for KWM2: $100.00
MP-1 Mobile power supply for KWM2 (12V) two of them:
1. RE; worked when last used, is cabled to mobile mount listed above:
2. WE: needs switching diodes, no cable: $100.00
WE SM-2 microphone: $100.00
WE 75S-3 Receiver with matching WE 312B-3 speaker with manual: $600.00
All Work fine (excepted mobile power supply #2 above); CCA good or better
both cosmetics and operations; very clean, non-smoking environment.
All prices are plus shipping; I take to UPS or FedEx (your choice) and you
pay for packing, insurance and shipping from 79701 zip code (Midland, Texas)
Pay with money order or cashier's check including shipping.
CONUS only.
75S3, KWM2A and SM-2 mike Can be seen on my QRZ picture; go to K9ING, I can
send extra pictures of all.
Can sked for on the air demo of KWM2; 80-10 meters; SSB as long as it is
still hooked up. 


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