Re: {Collins} 75S-3C Meter Lamp Replacement

Great.  Tnx to all...

Paul, W9AC
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        It is pressure fit in the meter, some had a small screw holding them in place, if no screw then gently pull it out, replace the #47 lamp and plug it back in the meter...

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          Subject: {Collins} 75S-3C Meter Lamp Replacement
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          I can't believe I'm even asking this...

          I've looked through the 75S-3C manual concerning *meter* lamp replacement of the #47 bulb.  The manual discusses *dial* lamp replacement (easy enough) but not the meter lamp which is strangely missing.  So that I don't cause damage in trying to figure out how the lamp extracts from the meter body, I would like feedback on how it's done.

          Forgive me as I learn my way around the S/Line.  I'll be asking these questions when the answers are not found in the owner's manuals, nor on-line.  Many tnx!

          Paul, W9AC


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