Re: {Collins} [Bulk] Re: 75S-3C Meter Lamp Replacement

You can see that effect even more so with newer cars that use LED tail lights. I remember when the first two color LED's came out years ago that had the red and green diodes reversed in one case. You could drive it with a square wave and when you waved it around your eye would perceive a streak of alternating red and green bars. I always intended to make some sort of Christmas decoration with it, but now, that same principle can be purchased at toy stores in a hand held spinning multi-color display.

I certainly don't consider myself a tree hugger, but the newer LED home lighting IS getting better (nice 2700K warm light) and cheaper. I'm sure as the production quantities increase, prices will plummet. Just look at what happened to the CFL's. You can buy a four pack of 60 W equivalent CFL's for under a buck apiece and if you've ever taken one apart, you'll see quite a lot of circuitry inside for the price.

Sorry for the non-Collins rant, but it won't be long before a cheap LED alternative will come on the market for the L-40 Lumiline Lamps. (Hey, it's a JOKE....)

73' Charlie k3ICH

Agreed....what bothered me the most is the strobe effect when I moved my
eyes caused by the LED going on and off at 60hz.
I really hated it.
The meters in question were made by Bartlett, the early, ribbed meters were
made by Simpson and were much, much better lit.

Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.

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