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Yesterday was a red letter day, Or should that be 'a grey box day'. After a
lot of waiting and arranging I finally had everything in place to go and
collect the 30S-1 that I had been promised. Price, well, for being given the
30S-1 I had to buy the NIBNOS spare 4CX1000A, at market price, so a complete
amp with a good tube and a new spare for US$450.


I knew beforehand that a few mods and repairs had been done over the years,
our domestic supply here is 230 V 50Hz single phase, live to neutral so an
extra transformer is needed to derive the 110. That is in place though not
very well installed. I also knew the amp had been in the path of an 'event'
and as you will be able to see this made quite an impact.


During today I have stripped the amp. Removing the top amplifier unit which
was not too difficult once the front panel was removed. From there I was
able to examine the power supply more thoroughly and can see that the oil
filled capacitors are leaking. It was also clear that the control shelf is
in a poor state and needs a good looking at so I decided to strip out the
power supply completely. This will also allow for proper cleaning and an
easier trip to the paint shop for refinishing.


Some of the strip out photographs are now up at


so you can see what sort of state it is in.


I think I will have to replace the oil capacitors with electrolytics. I
would fit them in the oil cap cans but don't like the idea of opening them!
Anyway it looks like I have a project for the next few months.


Martin, HS0ZED



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