Re: {Collins} 30L-1 doorknob capacitor question

Frank -

1000 uuf is used to be 1000 micro-microfarad (mmF), which is now called 1000 picoFarad (pF). European (primarily) usage is 1 nanoFarad (nF), but US is mostly 0.001 microFarad (uF).

Confusing enough??? :-)

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frankshughes@xxxxxxx wrote:

I am trying to test a doorknob ceramic capacitor from my 30L-1.
I have no idea how to translate this capacitor value marking into any modern
jargon I can understand.

My Fluke says it is 1 nano farad.
My Elmer says it is 1 pico farad.

What say you?

The problem I am chasing is that the amp loading is all the way against the left stop
to get to a "zero" on the meter on 14.2.

The Dennis Brothers 30L-1 training video I have says that it should not be that far over.

No, I have not yet been able to figure out the adjustment procedure for setting the meter zero&
ALC override, possibly if I can ever understand this part the problem will be resolved.



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