{Collins} Dallas 2011 Dinner and raffle

Good Morning to the list,


I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that the CCA is having
a dinner and booth at  the Dallas Ham Com this year.


The information on registration and attendance is on our website at


The dinner is starting to fill up and if you are coming and plan on
attending, now is the time to sign up.


Unlike Dayton, where we have some flexibility on size of the group, we are
limited to 25 dinner spots this year (we will fix that next year) and we
will not be able to take late-commers at the door if we are full.


The discussion and talk and the banquet has gotten pretty exciting and will
center on the Rockwell Collins HF-80 system and we are fortunate to have
both Rod Blocksome from Collins and Jim Stitzinger speaking from their
different perspectives.


There will also be some great door prizes and a raffle for a wonderful,
albeit non-Collins Reconditioned SPX-600 receiver. Tickets will also be
available for the SPX-600 raffle at the CCA tables on Friday.


There will also be some nice goodies at the CCA tables.


Hope to see you there.




Bill Carns, N7OTQ

K0CXX, Trustee MRCCC

President Collins Collectors Association

Editor, Signal Magazine

Founding Member # AC94-0009

512 618 2762 (Cell + VM)

512 847 7010 (Home + Fax)


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