Re: {Collins} KWM380

my plans are to have two KWM380's at HamCom.

Will be in tailgate parking lot with a large blue Walmart gazebo cover.... look for my yellow sign with
W5UQ.COM on it.

I have three KWM380's and one HF380. Selling them all this year. Being retired now, I've got too much tied up in all my Collins gear.

Will also have two 51S1's, a KWM2, a KWM2A, three 75A4's and possibly a 75S2 and a 32S2 for sale later. I'm just beginning be able to spend time on know, to fix up, align, etc. May take a while having other summer projects, plus fishing could interfere a bit with all of those projects.


and the BEAT goes onnnnnn....
See is accurate for W5UQ
Also see for A25UQ,V31UQ&  VP2EEU.

And now, ZF2UQ.  Have license for use in July 2011.
W5SJ will be ZF2EZ on the DXpedition.
We both mostly do CW..but will stoop to SSB sometimes...  :-)
Look for us on 6 meters VHF contest July 16/17th.

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