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Dick: I just repaired a 380 with th same problem. ie Bad Q204. I used a 2SC1969 transistor. It is a TO-220 case unfortunately. I mounted it inverted to the shield ,using an insulating kit , using one of the 4-40 screws and short lenghts of buss wire. It worked 100%. I could never figure out why this transistor is on during both rx and tx? Another thing to do to the 380's is to invert the screws holding the feet on the case. ie Put the bolts inside the feet. Sure makes it easier to remove and replace the cover.
Jim  VE3DSR  AC97-00441
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My KWM380 has no tx,I have traced fault to Q204 , can anyone help me with as to where I can obtain a PT5701 or suggest a suitable alternative -
Many thanks

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