{Collins} 32S-3 will not transmit

Im sure im doing something wrong here...but here goes.


I just got back a 32s-3 that was tested and aligned.  Hooked the 516F-2
to the TX but when I try to key the rig or select TUNE or LOCK KEY
nothing happens.  I thought I used to hear a relay engage...but I don't
hear anything.   There is also no ALC, Plate current or Grid current.


I can press the CAL button and I see some deflection on the ALC.  I also
tested the HV and I have around 970 volts on the 6146's.


Im using the 32S-3 standalone right now.  


What am I missing?  Thanks...


Rich N7TR


www.n7tr.com <http://www.n7tr.com> 

Telnet: dxc.n7tr.com N7TR DXCluster


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