{Collins} FS: Collins S-Line Station


I have a complete Collins S-Line station for sale. I've had this station for about 7 years and it works very well. 

The station consists of a 75S-3A receiver; a rare piece, the matching 32S-3 transmitter, 312-B4 console, 516F2 power supply and SM-2 Microphone. The receiver has both the CW and SSB filter. 

I use the station on occasion on both SSB and CW and there are no issues. Good output and the dial calibration is good. When I received this equipment I went through all pieces and made repairs, did full alignments and the 516F2 has new electolytics. All are winged emblem and the cosmetics are good. No dents, scrapes or problems. 

I'd like to sell the station complete and will include the interconnecting cables. 

Price is $1800. Pickup at my QTH in the Toronto area is encouraged as shipping all pieces would be a challenge I'd rather not face. With pickup, the station can be fully checked out. Further, if the equipment is picked up, I'll negotiate an appropriate discount. 


Mark V Johnson VE3LU, VE3DJU
Mark V Johnson

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