{Collins} Looking for connection info for Heath SB-620 scanalyzer for use in 75S-3B

Hi people. I just picked up a Heahtkit SB-620 "scanalyzer" with the corect 455 khz coil for Collins IF, but it did not come with a manual.

Despite many internet searches I could not find the details on how to tie into the IF mixer stage ahead of the filters so I could use the panadapter function I plan to use the spare phono jack on the back, but any recommendations on isolation caps/resistors to give a good signal but not adversely load the IF stage? I did see some brief comments (not related to Collins use) talking about choosing non-lossy coax. I also found an article where someone was converting a SB-620 setup for 455 khz back to Heathkit 3395 khz IF and they had added a transistorized isolation buffer amp (but inside the SB-620).

I welcome any recommendations/experience.


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