Re: {Collins} Wanted - Your HELP re Theft - No THREAD


  Did you mean to say somebody STOLE THEM?

  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that the person, who is undoubtedly reading this, 
after they get their jollies looking at the originals, scan them for their own 
use and return the originals to you by mail ANONYMOUSLY so they can sleep at 
night.  If they don't do this they are going to have really bad nightmares FOR 

  Is that clear?


From: Bill Carns <wcarns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: COLLINS@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Sun, June 12, 2011 2:40:39 PM
Subject: {Collins} Wanted - Your HELP re Theft - No THREAD

Gentlemen, and ladies (just to make sure I don't start with a politically
incorrect greeting. J

During the recent HamCom show in Dallas, someone took the liberty, almost
right under my nose, to relieve us (the CCA) of 5 1992 Jay Roman reprints of
the mechanical filter ads and data.

I would ask everyone out there to be on the lookout for someone who is
selling (on eBay or ??) such an item and to immediately advise me of who is
doing this. Again, they are grey and full sized and dated 1992.

He got the entire pile which was about 5 of them.

In case this person involved is reading this (I pray he is not a member of
any part of our operation), I say to you. I saw you pick them up while I was
off getting a pen out of my car.  You were bent over trying to stay below
the bush line. But I saw you and I saw you see me and run half the length of
the building before I could get back to the table.  You looked guilty and
you knew that you were.

I love my job here - all aspects of it - because of the quality of the
people that I deal with and the joy of working with them and the retired
Collins folks. You, on the other hand, have stolen a chunk of that
enjoyment. I say to you...You are filth and scum.You are the lowest of low
and Pond Scum. You are what I used to clean out of my horse stalls. We will
find you if you surface and we will all take you  to the local constabulary.
Enjoy the rest of your, what has to be, a really terrible life.

To our membership, PLEASE, no thread on this. If you know anything that will
help now or in the future, please contact me directly. I will get over this
but right now your friendly president is upset.


Bill Carns, N7OTQ

K0CXX, Trustee MRCCC

President Collins Collectors Association

Editor, Signal Magazine

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