{Collins} Mystery Mechanical IF Filter??

I found what looks like a very old mechanical filter but I can not identify it
as such. It 3 3/16 inches long, 13/16 inches high (not counting the terminals)
and 13/16 wide. The bottom has two screw holes not studs. The number on top is
166730-501 but could be a partial number. It says Serial 5730 on top and also
on the bottom. Someone wrote LSB and 300kc on the side. It looks very much
like it was in a piece of military equipment from the patina and the labeling
which is black ink on a greenish painted background where the numbers are
located. It has a solder seal half way between the ends on either side. It
also has a small red dot on one end. The 4 terminals on the bottom (2 at each
end) are labeled INPUT and OUTPUT. Any thoughts or ideas??

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