Re: {Collins} Question about the .05 1600 Volt cap in 516-f2

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Hey gang...just got off the phone with Mouser...and they say Vishay does not make a .05 1600 VDC Orange Drop...
I'm sure I have seen them somewhere??

This is C1...right across the big 8 h choke...I think it is pretty critical that I use the right one.

Since I can not find a Orange Drop...what else are you using...??

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Check the two sources I posted. One lists 0.05uf caps but they may not actually have them. The cap may be used to resonate the choke. The combination calculates to about 251hz, an 0.047 cap would move it up to about 261hz. Resonating chokes is one way of reducing ripple and improving regulation. If you really need 0.05 you can use a 0.047 and pad it up with a small high voltage cap. I am not sure how critical the value is since the effective inductance of the choke is going to vary with the current through it.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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