Re: {Collins} Question about the .05 1600 Volt cap in 516-f2

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Subject: {Collins} Question about the .05 1600 Volt cap in 516-f2

Hey gang...just got off the phone with Mouser...and they say Vishay does not make a .05 1600 VDC Orange Drop...
I'm sure I have seen them somewhere??

This is C1...right across the big 8 h choke...I think it is pretty critical that I use the right one.

Since I can not find a Orange Drop...what else are you using...??

Lee Simmonds
Summit DCS LLC

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Something else occurs to me that I should have thought of in the first place. Since this cap needs to be able to handle high voltages just use two 0.1uf caps in series. 0.1 is a standard value and are available at 1600V, two would give you 0.05 at 3200V which should work fine.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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