Re: {Collins} 312B4

The 312B-4 requires a cable between the PTT jack on the station monitor and the PTT jack on the back of the 32S-1.  Without this connection the PTT will not work when the microphone is connected to the station monitor.

If there is a cable between the units then you need to check the center connection of both RCA jacks (312B-4 and 32S-1) to make sure that they have not distorted and therefore are not making connection.

Finally, you need to check the microphone jack in the 312B-4.

Glen, K9STH


--- On Thu, 6/23/11, GARY ELLIOT <k7ox@xxxxxxx> wrote:

My subject unit works just fine except now when I plug my mic  into the unit it will not key the radio. If I plug the mic into the 32S1 it works just fine as well as the function switch in the 312B4. Suggestions as to what may be the problem >  Thanks

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