{Collins} Collins 30S-1 Serial # , and some other questions ?

I'm repairing and restoring a Collins 30S-1 , the last owner told me the serial # tag fell off , is their a way to determine
the # and when it was made ? It is a winged  model , looks like all the mods have been done .

In looking over the manual I noticed this unit has 5 18K  100 watt bleeder resistors for the plate circuit on the back wall ,
the manuals I have seen only have 3 , was this a factory mod or the previous owner improvement idea ?

Right next to the plate transformer is what looks like a choke , is this L 208 the 8 henry choke for the B+ filter ?
This choke is used as a tie point for the B+ wires , it has been bypassed for what reason I do not know , was this a possible mod
I'm not aware of ?

I also want to get the 30s-1 emblem for the front cover , if you have one please let me know .

K8ICB in Florida

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