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I have no idea as to who designed the S-Line, but I suspect that it wasn't Art Collins. I do know that the physical designs for the ill fated KWM-3 were made by Eric Tedley's Industrial Design Group at the "new" corporate headquarters in Richardson, Texas. There were 3 potential cabinet designs present to Art Collins at a meeting in Building 401 in late April 1967. I had just come to work at Collins Radio (right out of college) and was invited by one of the assistant division directors to come to the "showing". I remember that one of the cabinets had a wood-grain finish. This was the first time that I met Art Collins.

The KWM-3 was to be a modification of the Collins 718-T with the lower frequency end moved down to 1800 kHz (instead of 2000 kHz) and the tuning rate changed to 10 Hz per step rather than the original 100 Hz per step. Art soon lost interest in the KWM-3 and the project was dropped.

Tedley's group was assigned to Process Division in which I was employed.

Glen, K9STH


Its possible there is a design patent for the cabinet. I have not looked but will.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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