{Collins} For Sale: KWM-1

Correction on Butch's name misspelling. Sorry Butch

On 6/24/2011 10:35 AM, Bill wrote:
For Sale: KWM-1 in Excellent Cosmetic Condition. Butch Schartau K0BS restored this a few years ago and it has been unused sitting here looking pretty on my shelf. I used it to make about 25 contacts the first month and then removed it from service. All I can think of is the volume control needed some spray as it was scratchy. All else should work perfectly as it did but cannot say for certain. No nicks scratches or dents. Butch painted all three pieces. and are in Excellent Cosmetic Condition. This includes the KWM-1, the 516F-1 Power Supply and also the 312B-1 Speaker. Original Cables and Plugs. Original Manual Included. $2100 plus shipping from 33301 Bill Marx W2CQ CCA #603

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