{Collins} HAMRADIO fair and swapmeet at Lake Constance report

today was the first day of the annual HAMRADIO fair and swapmeet at Lake Constance. This is the biggest hamradio event in Europe with about 18,000 attendents (2010).
A few very nice Collins found their way. Between several S-Line units a Rockwell-Collins 51S-1 with matching 55G-1 caught my attention. Unfortunately it was out of my price range. Also several 851S-1, 651S-1 and a couple HF-80 items showed up, offered by a seller from former Yugoslavia. He also had several RU-20 which is a Collins PRC-515 manpack used by the Yugo army. The 851S-1s where priced to sell at EUR 1,400 to EUR 1,500 ($2,000 to $2,150) depending on options installed. Three were sold by mid afternoon.

Vy 73 Heinz DH2FA, KM5VT
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