Re: {Collins} Collins Digest, Vol 33, Issue 23

I was told years ago by a long time Collins employee in Dallas that Art wanted the new Collins line to look "like high quality equipment, something like a fine quality camera". The dimpling on the S-Line panels does resemble the kind of finish on fine German cameras of the era. That does agree with the info on the Collins Collectors website. I did have a copy of QST magazine with an ad announcing, comming soon,  the S-Line and the pictures show only a smooth painted front panel. I have looked for the magazine but cannot find it. Maybe someone who has QST from around 1958 when the S-Line was introduced could find the ad.

Bill - K5MIL

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Subject: {Collins} S-Line Question for Collins Historians

Who can we thank for the physical design of the S-Line?  Since it's
introduction, I've found it to be the most attractive and inviting piece of
amateur radio equipment I've ever seen.  Who had the brains and guts to make
such a paradigm switch to this package from the old big black boxes?
Obviously, Art Collins must have approved, but was it originally his idea or
that of someone else?
73, Bob - W3YY 

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