{Collins} Collins S Line $1500

WE 32S3, WE 75S3-B, RE 516F-2, WE Station monitor

Have owned this station for quite a few years and keep meaning to get it on the air but too many other things on the go.  Good condition on all units.  I have used the RX on occasion as well as TX into a dummy load with full output.  The PS has just been recapped with the Harbach kit.  The monitor works and is in good condx.  Just don't have the time for this and would like to get it into good hands that will use and appreciate it.  Would like to get $1500 for the station plus shipping and packing.  If you can pick up the station that's even better. Would prefer not to seperate but will consider it if I get enough response for the different units. Please respond off list if you are interested




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