{Collins} SOLD 75A3/32V3

Units have been sold.  Thanks.
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Subject: {Collins} F/S 75A3/32V3
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Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011, 12:30 PM

Working AM setup.  I have been using it weekly for the last 10 years at least.  
75A3 s/n 1306 - includes 3 filters, 800hz, 3.1kc, and an R390A 8kc filter.
HB 100kc calibrator, HB plug in product detector that fits in NBFM socket.
4:1 knob, dial clear, drum yellowed, some scuff marks on top of cabinet, otherwise OK.
Original cord, SO239 for ant input.
32V3 s/n 1275, outputs 100w.  Recently replaced 5V4 rect and installed matched 807 modulators and reset mod bias.  Dial yellowed from sun in places as is rectangular band scale.
New, HD orange grounded cord.   Original N conn output.
These are nice units but not necessarily pristine collector pieces.   Not beat up, not scratched but have had some loving use.
Also included D-K coax relay.
I will be traveling from Denver to north of Syracuse NY over the 7/4 holiday and would be willing to meet someone along the I80/I90 corridor for delivery.  That route goes thru NE, IA, Ill, IN, OH, PA, NY.  Major cities will be Des Moine, Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse.  Too heavy to ship so either pickup in Denver or meet along the way if convenient.
I have a few pictures I can send.   History - acquired yr 2000 from estate of K0UN
Reason for sale - making room for KW-1 s/n 103 that is currently under serious rehab!   Working but not quite ready to hit the airwaves.
$1000 for the pair.  Will not ship, will not separate. 
Keith Ericson K0KE   Parker, CO    cell 303 506 7575

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