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I have a very nice KWM-2A and 32S-3 and both have what seems a bit of a problem to me. Both seem to require too much mic gain. On tune-up the mic gain is set almost to the stop clockwise on some bands and always past 1:00 on both rigs. Both are round emblem and in nice real nice shape. I get good reports but hey, isn't that too extreme of a setting? Before I get into it I thought I would run it by you guys to see if it is a common problem with a common fix. Thanks and 73 AB8BW Tom

If the gain is low in TUNE its _not_ the microphone, TUNE uses an internally generated tone. If the drive is low for that it will low for the mic input too. I don't know why both units are behaving the same way, perhaps both were adjusted for some band outside the ham bands.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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