Re: {Collins} Mic Gain

One thing that affects the tone level, which is used for tune up and for CW in the KWM-2 series and the 32S-1/32S-2, is the 6U8 tone oscillator.  Various tubes have substantially different output and the 6U8 is not known for really long life.  Unfortunately, although a 6EA8 can usually replace the 6U8, in this particular circuit a 6EA8 often does not work well, if at all.  Why?  I have no idea!

Glen, K9STH


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If...upon trying to the field alignment it does not go well...then maintenance & lab alignment are called for. If the trimmers do not respond correctly, the ones that do not will need maintenance or replacement.
I just did full maintnence & lab alignment to a friends KWM-2 and now it is fantastic...just like out of the box. He said it works like a brand new one and the way he remmebers it when his Father bought it new.

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