{Collins} S/Line styling...

When I first got interested in radio in junior high (mid-60s), I fell in love with the styling of the S/Line & KWM-2. I felt that if you were to lookup the word radio in the dictionary, you would see a KWM-2 or S/Line. No other radio's design even came close. I felt that way then and I still feel that way now. It's classic, it's beautiful, it's timeless... I still have and use a S/Line (and KWM-2) in my shack. They look just as beautiful today as they looked the first time I saw them in the sixty's.

BTW, during one of my early trips to Cedar Rapids, I heard that the texture on the front panel of the S/Line actually came from the gadget bag of some of his expensive camera equipment. I can't remember who told me that but after spending a couple of decades in the photo industry, I'd say that is certainly a possibility.

73 de W8RO
Floyd Soo

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