Re: {Collins} 516-f2 questions

I don't think it matters much which side of the switch the transient
suppressor is connected to, so long as it is after the fuse, though I prefer
placing it before the switch. The reason is that if the suppressor should
short out, it would be better if the short circuit current wasn't routed
through the switch. You might also place a suppressor across the switch
itself, to protect it from the  inductive kick of the xfmr when the power
supply is switched off.

The .01/1KV bypass caps should be replaced with modern AC line-rated caps.
These are normally specified as  "Class X1 Y2 250VAC"; an example is Mouser
part number   81-DE2F3KH103MN7A, which sell for $0.62/each.

Jim W8ZR

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> Hi everyone...
> I am finishing up a 516-F2 rebuild and want to add a transient
> surpressor.
> The instrunctions I have (very old) say to add the surpressor acreoss
> the trans primary...which is fine, but, their diagram shows it across
> the 115vac primary all the time ...
> I am thinking it should be after the power switch so when it is plugged
> in but off the surpressor has no voltage on it.
> What is the best way??
> Also, this supply already has .01 1KV ceramic safety caps on each side
> of the power line to ground...should I leave them in as well??
> Thanks,
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