Re: {Collins} KWM-2A question

In my own experience with my KWM-2 and S-line , i t's most likely due to dried out grease.   While none of my PTO's actually 'stuck', they were not smooth, had a drag to them.  When I opened the 75s-3 PTO, there was dried out grease all along the shaft, which is what caused the drag.  I cleaned off all the grease and relubed it with Lubriplate.  Tuning is now smooth. 

I've never seen a Collins PTO "spin" like you mentioned.  I've got 5 Collins radios with those PTO's and even all cleaned up and with weighted knobs they simply do not spin.  There is no flywheel to keep the momentum going probably too much drag from the screw mechanism with the travelling ferrite core.   So I wouldn't expect any S-line/KWM PTO's to "spin" like you see on a National NC-300 where that dial may go from end to end on a good spin.  

No I don't think you're nitpicking at all about the 'tight' or drag.  It's annoying when it isn't smooth. 

Now something I have very little experience with is that eliptical bushing behind the tuning knob.  That can affect the drag of the PTO as well.  When I relubed the 75S-3 PTO, it took some doing to get that bushing setting right otherwise the drag was higher and it would pinch on one side of the rotation.  Maybe some of the experienced eliptical bushing guys can weight in.  I'd like to hear more discussion about aligning the PTO housing on the chassis and adjustment of the bushing. 

73, Scott WA9WFA 

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