Re: {Collins} 30S-1 to paint or not to paint case ?

The formulas for a number of "boat anchor" radios, including both the cabinet and trim ring of the S-Line, can be found at

Please note that the S-Line cabinet formula is for a gallon of paint while all the rest are for 1 quart.  However, the formula for 1 gallon can be reduced by the paint supplier for 1 quart.

Glen, K9STH


--- On Thu, 6/30/11, Dan Eisenman <K8ICB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm working on a 30S-1 restoration , the case is kind of ruff .I 'm considering taking it to a good auto body shop and having it redone .So my question is will this decrease it's value or increase it ? Does any one sell official paint and if so who ? Any help and advice would be appreciated .

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