Re: {Collins} AB Ohmite resistors

What most Collins collectors don't know was that Collins used Allen Bradley carbon comp exclusively for the 2 to 5% resistor requirements on the Apollo project as well as probably the Gemini and Mercury projects. I know because I was there then and had this component as one of my assignments. NASA had their quality program NPC-200-3 and wanted AB to use it. AB had their own quality program and felt it exceeded that of NASA. Essentially AB told NASA "You use our program or you don't use AB resistors on Apollo". AB resistors flew.

AB had such a tight QC program that if a resistor hit the floor, it was swept up and destroyed. If one took any "floor sweepings" home, they got fired. A friend of mine worked there while in school and confirmed this.

All leaded component connections in the Collins Apollo communications gear were welded, not soldered. Lead diameter was controlled to 0.001 inch. AB used tin plated copper leads while film resistors used AU plated nickle.

Say what you want but in those days, there were no better carbon comp resistors and Art Collins knew it.

A little Collins/AB history.


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